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Frequently asked questions


We recommend creating an account in your name because it allows you to:

  • Check your orders at any time.
  • Edit and/or cancel your orders quickly if you realise you have made a mistake (obviously within the cancellation and/or editing deadlines stated in the order FAQ).
  • Remind you of which products you have already purchased
  • Check which shipping or billing address you used recently and update and/or change it if necessary
  • Apply exclusive discounts and special offers that only registered users get
  • Get news updates

Remember that your account is free and it allows you to make purchases easily, without having to enter your details every time. With your account you get exclusive offers and discounts. Plus, your account keeps you updated on new products. Should you still decide to delete your account, send an email to with “DELETE ACCOUNT” in the subject line and including the following data:

  • Your date of birth.
  • Your billing address.
  • The email address you registered your account with.

When we receive this information, we will disable your account and send you an email to confirm. In the future, should you change your mind and wish to make more purchases, all you need to do is get in touch with us, provide us with your details again and we can reactivate your account. Otherwise you can register again with a different email address.

To change your details, access your account where you can edit

  • Your password.
  • Your email address.
  • Your shipping and/or billing address.
  • Your contact preferences.

Remember to save your changes when you have finished. The changes will not be applied to orders that have already been placed. We recommend checking your account every now and again to ensure your details are correct.

Contact us at we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We recommend creating an account in your name because it allows you to:

  • Check your orders at any time.
  • Edit and/or cancel your orders quickly if you realise you have made a mistake (obviously within the cancellation and/or editing deadlines stated in the order FAQ).
  • Remind you of which products you have already purchased
  • Check which shipping or billing address you used recently and update and/or change it if necessary
  • Apply exclusive discounts and special offers that only registered users get
  • Get news updates


Firstly select all the products you wish to purchase and put them in your cart.

Before completing the order, in the “DISCOUNT CODE” section, enter your coupon code and click on “APPLY” and the system will automatically apply the special offer.

You can make sure that the discount has been applied by checking the summary of items: the value of the discount will have been subtracted and the total price will have been modified.

Note: remember to enter the discount code when you check out because it cannot be added after that. Be very careful of this because the coupon cannot be applied once the order has been made, not even by contacting the company.

This could be for any one of the following reasons:

  • Always make sure you have entered the discount code exactly as you see it, without spaces
  • Only one discount code can be used per order. This also includes codes for free shipping.
  • As there are various discount codes, the Terms and Conditions of use may vary. Make sure you read them carefully when you get a code
  • Some discount codes are only valid for certain customers or countries
  • If the discount only applies to a certain country, this will be stated in the Terms and Conditions of use.

If, after checking all of these aspects, your code still does not work, contact our Customer Service by writing to

No, coupons and discounts are not valid for previously placed orders.

The only way to avail of the coupon is to enter it when confirming the order, as explained above, no coupons can be added after that.

The validity of the discount is always clearly stated in the email you received with the discount code. To use the discount the customer needs to make the purchase by the expiry date of the coupon.

You cannot use multiple discounts in a single order; for example, if you used a discount coupon you are not entitled to free shipping. If multiple discounts are allowed for a special offer, the email will state this clearly.

You can get various discounts in these ways:

  • We recommend keeping an eye on our website, as we often advertise appealing offers.
  • We often send discount codes to customers who subscribe to our Newsletter. Therefore we recommend making sure you subscribe to our Newsletter. Not subscribed yet? Sign up for our Newsletter!
  • We sometimes publish codes on our Instagram profile so follow us to stay up-to-date.


Please contact us by writing to if possible giving some details about the idea of collaboration.

Just know that we choose collaborators on a year-by-year basis and therefore you won’t get an immediate answer.

How to make a return

We accept return requests only within 14 days after delivery of the order, after which time the return is no longer accepted.

According to the provisions of the Consumer Code, the Buyer may, within the term of 14 (fourteen) business days from the date of receipt of the package containing the goods ordered, withdraw from the purchase agreement by returning the goods received in their original packaging, without tampering with any of the guarantee seals or simply opening and/or deteriorating the outer packaging.

IIn particular, for contracts concerning the sale of goods, if the goods have been delivered, an essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal is that the goods to be returned must be fully intact. The provisions relating to the exclusion of the right of withdrawal for certain categories of goods and services in Art. 59 of the Consumer Code.

In particular, the right of withdrawal is excluded for goods sold 'made to measure' and where the sales performance concerns the supply of sealed goods that are not suitable for return for hygienic or health protection reasons and have been opened after delivery (Art. 59 (e) Consumer Code. In this case, specific provisions are made for sealed products that once opened and unsealed are no longer intact and usable. The latter will no longer be subject to the consumer's right of withdrawal if they are unsealed.

By exercising the right of withdrawal under this article, the Buyer may opt for either of the following, within the terms and according to the procedures described below for the return of products:

  • reimbursement of the amount paid for products returned to the central warehouse by crediting the relevant amount to your credit card or by bank transfer;
  • credit of an amount equal to the price of the products returned to the central warehouse, which can only be used on the Internet Site.
  • Pursuant to Article 67 par. 3 of the Italian Consumer Code, return costs shall be borne exclusively by the Buyer.

    Please also note that packages sent at the addressee's expense will not be accepted.

    The Seller shall refund the customer the full amount already paid for the product within 14 days of receipt of the return form containing the decision to exercise the right of withdrawal. The Seller reserves the right to withhold reimbursement until they have received the goods or until the Buyer has proved that he has returned the goods.

    The Buyer and/or the addressee of the Order shall necessarily fill in the return form, received by e-mail after contacting the customer service, duly completed and signed as indicated.

    The products must be returned to the Seller fully intact, with their original packaging, accessories, instructions for use and anything else supplied with them, in such condition that they can be put back on sale.

    The Seller shall accept returned goods, reserving the right to ascertain that the products have been returned in their original condition and with their original packaging.

    Refunds shall be made by transferring the amount charged to the Credit Card or by Bank Transfer using the bank details (IBAN Code of the invoice holder) provided by the Buyer in the Return Form.

    To exchange products purchased online, you must present a copy of the purchase invoice or order confirmation re-ceived with the goods. The exchange can only be made for products of the same or higher amount than those you wish to return; even a partial refund of the amount spent can only be obtained by returning the product to headquarters.

    The return of products after the legal deadline for withdrawal and contractual cancellation will not be accepted.

    A Consumer who exercises the right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions shall be refunded the sums already paid within a period of 15 days, and in any event not later than 30 days from the date on which the Seller (or the service provider) became aware of the exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Consumer.


    With the Newsletter we can keep you up-to-date on new products and special offers for our most loyal customers first.

    Unsubscribing to the Newsletter is very easy: simply click on the link “Unsubscribe from the Newsletter” (or similar) at the foot of every Newsletter and follow the instructions.


    Follow these steps to make your purchase

    • Go to the product page of the item you are interested in buying
    • Select the exact item from the drop down menu, when applicable, enter the desired quantity and click on “ADD TO CART”. Every time you add an item to the cart a confirmation message appears
    • Now:
      • Make sure the quantities for each item are correct
      • If you wish to delete any items, click the trash icon and the product will be automatically deleted from the cart.
      • If you wish to edit the quantity, you can do this in the appropriate box.
      • If you have a discount code, enter it in the “INSERT COUPON” section in the checkout. For more information on how to use promotional codes, go to the appropriate FAQ section.
    • To complete your order, click “CHECKOUT” to go to the checkout page
    • When you have entered the checkout page, you will be asked to:
      • Access your account or create one (if you are a new customer).
      • Enter the promotional code.
      • Enter the shipping details.
      • Enter the additional information.
      • Enter the billing details.

    Note: The billing address is the address associated with the card or PayPal account that you will use for payment, while the shipping address is the address you wish your order to be delivered to. These addresses do not need to be the same.

    • Choose the payment method. For more information on accepted payment methods, go to the specific FAQ section.
    • When you have selected your preferred payment method, simply click “PAY NOW”.
    • Your order has now been placed successfully! You will be automatically redirected to the confirmation page where you will find your order number. You will also be sent a confirmation email to the email address registered on your Fra-Ber account.

    The products remain in the shopping cart until the order confirmation is sent, provided that the history of your browser is not deleted.


    We accept PayPal and all major Credit Cards belonging to Visa, Visa Electron, American Express and MasterCard circuits, always through the PayPal electronic payment circuit.

    We currently do not accept cash-on-delivery payments or wire transfers, but all credit/pre-paid debit cards belonging to the Visa, Visa Electron, American Express or MasterCard circuits are accepted, in addition to PayPal.

    To guarantee maximum payment security, online transactions of your purchases paid with Credit Card or PayPal are made through a Secure Server that adopts the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection system. This system encrypts the information entered, making it impossible for it to be intercepted by external users. When you pay for your order with a credit card, we will automatically send you to a secure page (SSL) on the PayPal site that will handle the transaction. On this page you can enter your Card details (number, expiration date and CVV) in an absolutely secure way. The data are in fact sent directly to PayPal, offering maximum security and guarantee.

    If you have placed an order and PayPal has sent you a confirmation email, but after two working days you have still not received any confirmation email from us, immediately notify us by email at, in this way we will be able to clear your order within 48 hours.

    You might have made 2 payment attempts; do not worry because all you need to do is send an email to providing us with the 2 authorisation codes and the double payment will be immediately refunded on your Credit Card.

    PayPal technicians advise customers to contact the Customer Service of their credit card issuer to find out why it was declined. In fact, although the Card is active and has funds, there may be other reasons why transactions fail on banking circuits.

    Since we are unable to restore an order if your payment is denied, you will need to place a new order. To avoid your order from being refused again, we suggest:

    • Checking your card details (for example, expiration date, billing address, etc.) to make sure the information is correct;
    • Make sure you have entered the security code correctly (the 3-digit number on the back of your card);
    • Your bank (or other card issuing company) may have denied the payment. Since we are not disclosed the reason for denying payment, we recommend that you contact them and discuss it directly with them.

    After you have followed the suggestions above, if your order is still denied, we recommend trying a different card.

    If the card is authorised, the payment will be charged immediately and you will get an order confirmation email.

    If the card is not authorised, the payment will not be charged and we will let you know that your bank or credit institute denied authorisation for the transaction.

    Please remember that even if a payment should fail, it may appear that we have withdrawn the amount from the card, because some credit institutes hold the amount for a short period of time (normally up to 10 working days).



    Transit time*: 2/3 working days.

    Cost: €5.99. FREE for orders over €50.00.


    Transit time*: 3/5 working days.

    Cost: €19.5. FREE for orders over €110.00.

    Remember that:

    • Transit time does not include the preparation time of the order which is usually 2-3 days, although it may change in some cases if large quantities of goods are ordered.
    • We guarantee delivery within 1 working day (Monday to Friday) for orders placed between Monday and Friday before 7:30am.
    • For Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Puglia and the islands, delivery may require an additional day.
    • "International shipping" includes all the countries belonging to the European Union. For countries outside the European Union the cost might be the same, otherwise you will be notified that shipping has a higher cost and you can choose whether to cancel the order or pay the difference in cost.

    When the company books the courier service, you will receive an automatic email from the courier with the estimated delivery date and tracking number to track the shipment.

    Then, when the courier actually picks up the goods from the company facility, we will send you an email confirming pick-up.

    Yes, you can. The pick-up conformation email sent to you contains a link to the page of the express courier specifying the shipment number and the branch that your package has been assigned to allow you to track the delivery status online up to your home.

    The courier does not make preventive phone calls and does not handle delivery requests at particular times. Products will be delivered on business days.

    Our partner courier is UPS, who picks up the packs from our premises around 4:00pm every day, barring unforeseen circumstances.

    According to standard procedure the delivery personnel will leave a slip in your mail box or near the intercom to inform you that they came and were unable to deliver your package. We recommend contacting the branch identified on the slip directly, to agree on the next delivery.

    Please note that if, for any reason, the courier fails to deliver the goods to the shipping address, even after several attempts, and the goods are sent back to the company facility, we do not bear other costs to ship the goods again and no cost will be refunded. This is because the time and resources to make the delivery have already been used up.

    We are sorry but the company is not responsible for any loss or theft of packages as a result of specific instructions provided by customers to couriers who are handling orders. Therefore, should this happen, we cannot refund any amount. However, we do ask you to send an email to specifying what happened and we shall only be able to file a complaint with our partner courier company to encourage them to improve their service. This complaint will not receive any feedback and only serves information purposes.

    Before contacting us make sure that you have checked the following:

    • Tracking number

      This tracks the progress of your package using the link that was sent to you in the shipping confirmation email.
    • Check the address

      Log in and check that the shipping address and your contact information are correct. Specifically, make sure that the name of the recipient, the name selected for the shipping address, is shown on the intercom/doorbell.
    • Courier

      Check whether the courier left a delivery attempt slip. Your order may be at the courier's warehouse ready for pick-up or the courier may be waiting to be contacted to rearrange delivery (In this case you will need to contact the courier directly using the tracking information).
    • Check with your neighbours whether the package was collected by them while you were out.

    If you have not yet received your package or rearranged delivery after following all the steps, write us an email at and we will try to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

    Do not worry though, if you are not in at the time of delivery, our courier will leave a slip to allow you to rearrange a new delivery or pick up the package at the nearest branch.

    Do not worry though, if you are not in at the time of delivery, our courier will leave a slip to allow you to rearrange a new delivery or pick up the package at the nearest branch.

    We do not make deliveries on national holidays and weekends. In these cases the package will probably arrive on the next business day.

    We can make deliveries either to your home address or to your work address. If you wish the package to be sent to your work address, make sure there is always someone available to pick up the package, as our associated courier will deliver to the selected address and not to you in person.

    We will accept sealed goods returned by the customer, and refund the amount of the goods, but withhold the transport costs charged both for the outward journey and for returning the package. For example: if you have placed an order paid by credit card and the shipping costs amount to € 5.00, we will charge you € 5.00 (outbound shipment) + € 5.00 (return shipping) for a Total of € 10.00.

    We assure you that at the time of departure the package is handed over to the courier in optimal conditions and with suitable packaging for the number of items and type of shipping. Unfortunately, however, some couriers may not be very careful when handling the package and damage it. Obviously the company is not liable during transport, however our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, therefore we can refund the order after assessing the damage. In this regard, you will need to send an email reporting the damaged package to according to the following procedure:

    • Describe the conditions of the package upon receipt (whether the carton is damaged, wet, if there are product leaks, etc...)
    • Send us photos of the closed package upon delivery, if it has defects that are visible without opening the package.
    • Send us the photos of the open package if the damage involves the contents.

    Once we have received the above information we will assess the situation and together with you we will decide on the best solution to solve the problem.

    We do our best to ensure that orders are delivered on the scheduled dates but, on rare occasions, there may be delays in deliveries, particularly during certain busy periods. Other factors such as postal or courier delays, logistical problems, adverse weather conditions or the impossibility of our couriers to access the delivery address may also affect the timeliness of deliveries. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date on the delivery and you should still be able to track your package. Occasionally, due to the aforementioned inconveniences, some shipping services may be suspended, the cut-off time changed and/or the delivery times extended. In any case we always strive to limit these changes to the bare minimum.

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